Interpolis: Taking the ‘Glashelder’ proposition further

Interpolis wanted OLIVER to help expand the focus from prevention and making insurance transparent to helping to focus on what is really important; real life experiences such as coming home to our family and friends.


The Challenge

Interpolis are a Dutch insurance company. They own a basic proposition called ​Crystal Clear, “Glashelder”. ​

Having used this for over 20 years, Glashelder is at the centre of everything they do.​ In the past its been used to describe a transparent, functional approach – think less complexity. This is less paperwork, less hassle, easier processing and payment etc. ​Embedded on-site at Interpolis since 2016, OLIVER has enabled them to develop the proposition Glashelder offers. ​ ​

From the challenge to retain the core basis of Glashelder, OLIVER set out to deliver more modern, experience-focused outcomes.

The Idea

The OLIVER team shifted the focus toward the stuff that’s all around us, allowing people to “focus on what matters”, in order to live a “Crystal Clear Life”. ​

It is a mantra around how to live and enjoy your life for the better – to grab the small wins that improve experiences. “Less this, more that”. ​

This mantra set up their products as vehicles to help people focus on what matters in order to live a Crystal Clear Life. They are tools not to protect you, but to free your mind to concentrate on what’s really important. Less about protection, more about enablement.​ ​

An essential part of this transition has been the use of technology. ​OLIVER helped Interpolis to market its House Watch App, “ThuisWacht”. ​Using IOT, it controls security, heating, lighting and access. OLIVER also helped deploy their motoring App “AutoModus”. This monitors and controls use of mobile phones whilst driving, as well as rewarding safe driving behaviours. ​This loyalty scheme allows people to collect donations for road safety charities.

Interpolis Lead

The Results

We have empowered Interpolis, allowing them to grow from a transactional insurance company into what is now a consumer-centric, lifestyle focused business. ​

Whilst rooted in reducing risk, Interpolis have led the market by focusing on the benefits of a better, simpler life. ​OLIVER have helped to make them ambassadors for people to focus on what really matters: family, friends and enjoying life more. ​

11.3 M mobile free motoring KMs = €1.3M donated to road safety charities