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2018 FIFA Men’s World Cup on FOX & FS1

With the World Cup kicking off, it’s inevitable that we’d start to get bombarded by countless promos and partnerships in advertising. This one in particular, though, has captured our attention as we love the brash ‘American’ spin on Soccer Football. It reminds us of NBC’s ‘An American coach in London’ but ‘Foxified’.

The Guardian gave it and Fox’s approach to the World Cup a bit of a bashing but, with this advert, we want to give them a bit more credit where it’s due. There’s a huge element of tongue-in-cheek in there and while it gets a bit cringeworthy in places, for the most part it balances on the knife-edge and that’s where our attention is captured.

Also, you’ve got to love their description of the World Cup. That alone has got us excited for the competition.

This isn’t just some sporting event, it’s a four-week fist fight for the undisputed, pound-for-pound, heavyweight championship of the entire planet.


Slim Jim & Adobe raising their game

Adobe has been raising their game on YouTube lately with a massive amount of live content showing the workflows of some incredible artists covering a wide range of skills such as illustration, animation, motion graphics, graphic design etc. One of our favourite motion graphics/animation artists James Curran has over 9 hours of content, it’s handy to see how people work and pick up tips and tricks along the way.

Here’s a short vid showing 30 gifs from his month in Tokyo

Engram : Data Sculpture for Melting Memories

Pilevneli Gallery presented Refik Anadol’s latest project on the materiality of remembering. Melting Memories offered new insights into the representational possibilities emerging from the intersection of advanced technology and contemporary art. By showcasing several interdisciplinary projects that translate the elusive process of memory retrieval into data collections, the exhibition immersed visitors in Anadol’s creative vision of “recollection.”