Instagram marketing: Using Boomerang

Millions of people use Instagram every single day to keep updated with the latest trends and inspirational images. Boomerang is its most recent creative add on. Any new social content tool helps brands to showcase themselves in a new way, and by introducing Boomerang in to your content mix, brands can show that they are connected to the latest trends – without the hassle of having to launch a brand new channel.

What exactly is Boomerang?

Boomerang is a new video app that works alongside Instagram to turn everyday moments into something more fun, interesting and unexpected. The app takes a string of photographs and then stitches them together into a moving video that plays either forward or backwards, giving a stylised GIF style video clip. Users have access to a range of different features designed to make their clips look even more fantastic, including hyperlapse. Content created in app can then upload to Instagram or Facebook (although Facebook integration for Boomerang clips isn’t as seamless as it is for Instagram).

Who’s using Boomerang now?

So far, lots of different brands, influencers and celebrities from around the world have started to feature content produced through Boomerang, including global brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Manchester United, Gold’s Gym, Karlie Kloss, Purina and Coca-Cola.

So, how can Boomerang enhance your marketing efforts?

  • Short clips are popular – and they get a lot of attention!
    Boomerang videos aren’t GIFs, but to the untrained eye, they’re very similar. If you’re a Tumblr or Twitter user you’ll know GIF images are all the rage, with millions of user generated clips being uploaded and shared every day. Facebook has recently released tools that allow you to GIF images them in advertisements. Jumping on the trend now before it becomes exhausted is a wise move.
  • Producing Boomerang content is really simple
    One of the best things about the app is the simplicity involved. Anyone can create the clips in a matter of seconds. You don’t need to pay an expert corporate video filmmaker to produce the desired results – the more organic and real they look, the better. All you need is a great idea that will fit with your brand and catch the eye of your target market. Because of the ease, it’s also an idea to encourage your brands fans and followers to create clips that you can re-share!
  • Exiting content drives social engagement
    Instagram is the king of social engagement – so in turn you rely on increasing numbers of engagements to succeed on Instagram. As Boomerang videos are a pretty new concept, it’s something that will excite users. The more people who like your Boomerang clips; the more attention your brand will receive.
  • It’s an integrated Snapchat alternative
    Many young people use Snapchat these days to share similar clips with their friends. Marketers have become very interested in Snapchat, with many running their own channels, because the ads they can place have an interactive fun element. So, rather than launch a separate Snapchat channel where you’ll spend time cultivating a fanbase, use Boomerang on your existing Instagram channel to create ‘Snapchat-esque’ content with a similar fun, natural and quirky feel.