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When you’ve got several competitors trying to be the No.1 auditor, you need something that’s going to make your global marketing campaigns stand out. KPMG knew they could count on us, and tasked us with a series of briefs. Here are just two created and developed by our on-site team.

We produced a bespoke invitation for Mozart’s libretto Don Giovanni as part of the International Lyric Art Festival in Aix-en-Provence. Educating ourselves in the world of opera, we learnt the women seduced by Don Giovanni had been portrayed by the opera in other materials as fragile, incandescent lightbulbs. So the image of a shattered bulb was used to dramatise the pain of heartbreak.

KMPG were due to exhibit at an event where their competitors were headline sponsors. So gaining the attention of speakers and prospects throughout the event was crucial. We created an event theme based on KPMG’s ‘Higher Level Thinking’ proposition, and designed and built an event space with merchandise to support this.

We also provided branded water to keynote speakers and seeded merchandise throughout the event to drive footfall towards KPMG’s stand and build interest. The result of this event? A pipeline worth more than £20m.


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