Leon House Development

FI Real Estate Management

£48 million

Design and build contract

220,000 sq ft

Of residential space

1960s architecture

brought back to life

Branding, video

Insights & planning
Website, print, creative

There hasn’t always been a lot of love for Croydon.

Legendary musical genius David Bowie once said: “I think it’s the most derogatory thing I can say about somebody or something: ‘God, it’s so f***ing Croydon!'” And he used to live there.

So when FI Real Estate Management approached us about marketing their proposed new development in the heart of Croydon to potential homebuyers, we knew it was going to be a challenge. And when we said ‘new development’, what we actually meant was a cold, empty shell of a building from the 1960s…

Many buildings exist from this period of time in Croydon. But very few have had the benefit of such a passionate architect to help pull it through to the present day. So our first stop was the architect himself.

Using Netflix documentary-style filming, his compelling story was told in such a way that the building became less like a concrete block where people just existed and more like a piece of Brutalist art where people lived.

And now? The 220,000 sq ft of original and simple 1960s architecture that is Leon House is a collection of 249 bright, modern and open plan 1 & 2 bedroom apartments arranged over 21 floors.

Leon House is now regarded as a showcase development for the Croydon area. And we are proud that our insights and creativity are very much part of its success.


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